Scare Attractions around the World #2


halloween-1591904_640Everybody likes to be scared. Whether they admit it or not, isn’t the issue. The fact is that people like to be scared because deep down inside everyone enjoys the adrenalin rush that horror provides. The fear of the unknown and death is a powerful force. Here is a list of some of the world’s most horrific scare attractions from around the world. These places are the reason why people have night terrors.


Ireland is a country that is steeped in the supernatural. The holiday known as Halloween has its origins in this place. The Irish people know that their country has many locations that are filled with ghosts, goblins and other creatures that lurk in the dark. However, the nation does not have very many commercialized haunted houses, like in the states. Instead, there are lots of real life haunted places to visit.

Places such as Ross Castle, Glasnevin Cemetery and the famous Stonehenge monument are some of the scariest places in Ireland to experience in person. The thing that really makes these places so frightening is that they are real places that provide real scares and not manufactured commercialized thrills.


The United Kingdom or U.K. is another country (or confederation of countries) where Halloween customs have their origins. England (Britain) is where many Halloween customs have emerged as well as Ireland. People in the U.K. celebrate Halloween in the same way as American’s but there are some differences.

In the U.K. there are not too many commercialized haunted houses. Like Ireland, they too rely on real life haunted locations to provide thrills and chills to horror lovers. Even though this is the case there are some places that people can go to get a good, cheap thrill.

Fright Night at Thorpe Park is a popular Halloween spot during the Trick-or-Treating season. This place is located in the city of Cardiff, Wales. There is another interesting Halloween like scare attraction based off of the motion picture 28 Days Later. However, this attraction is called 2.8 Hours Later.

This attraction is a zombie survival themed action place where people have to outrun zombies and stay alive. The attraction takes place in different locations and can sometimes be presented under different names. It normally happens in London, England.

Leavesden, Hertfordshire is the location for the Dark Arts at the Harry Potter Studio Tour. This site takes place every year during the end of October and it provides some good scares and frights. Especially for Harry Potter fans.


Many Mexican people enjoy a good scare. They have holidays (Día de los Muertos) is similar to Halloween but with many differences. The Mexicans (like any other culture) have their own idea about what is scary and what is not. In Mexico, some business people got hip to the American celebration of Halloween and have created some commercialized haunted houses that are similar to the ones that can be found in the U.S.

Laloween is a play on Halloween and this famous attraction is located in on the outskirts of Mexico City. The name of this suburb is Naucalpan de Juárez and many people go to this place for a fun time of being scared and frightened. Another Mexican horrofest that is filled with lots of spooky action is Mansion del Terror. It is located inside of the “Fiestas de Octubre” within Guadalajara Jalisco, Mexico.

United States

The U.S. is the reigning champs of commercialized haunted houses and fake scares. Nobody does it better than the Americans in this area. The overall best scare houses in the U.S. includes Haunted Overload in Lee, New Hampshire and The 13th Gate in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Both of these places are considered to be the ultimate scariest places for people to experience in America.

Other U.S. based scare attractions are the Dent Schoolhouse in Cincinnati, Ohio; Netherworld in Atlanta, Georgia and the Headless Horseman’s Hayrides and Haunted Houses in Ulster Park, New York. All of these attractions are usually open starting in September and lasting all the way until the first week of November.

Some Information about Scare Attractions from around the World

Keep in mind that most cultures do not celebrate Halloween like Americans do. So, they do not create a lot of haunted houses or scare attractions for people to visit. Once again, every culture have locations where real life haunting’s supposedly have taken place. You can visit these places but chances are they just will not frighten you in the same way as a commercialized haunted house. Now that I think about it, the real life haunted locations are probably a lot more frightening; because they are REAL.

Scare Attractions Around the World


Prepare for a Scare!

skull-1612504_640While some people look forward to peaceful and relaxing activities, others prefer the excitement and adrenalin rush of doing things that give them a fright. If this applies to you, then you might like to visit one of the following top scare attractions from across the globe. Each offers a different but scary experience that will fulfil your need for fear.

Top Scare Attractions Around the World

1) McKamey Manor, San Diego, California

In many people’s opinions, McKamey Manor is the most frightening haunted house in the world. The experience is reportedly so terrifying that grown men are known to have shaken in their boots. Tours of the haunted house last for eight hours. However, there is yet to be a single visitor to survive the entire experience. Each visit is filmed so that guests have a memento of the experience and the opportunity to relive their fears again in the future.

2) The London Tombs

Situated below London Bridge, one of the most famous landmarks in England’s capital, lies The London Tombs. Visitors experience an adventure that takes them back through some of the most horrible histories of London. The eerie setting of the disused railway tunnels adds to the spooky atmosphere of this attraction. This is tough if you have a fear of the dark or enclosed spaces. The London Tombs is currently one of the top scare attractions in both the UK and Europe.

3) Cutting Edge, Fort Worth, Texas

This is the longest walk-through haunted house in the world and it is here that guests have the chance to face all their worst phobias. In each room, visitors will have a different horrific scenario that will make you truly face your fears. Many people do not make it all the way through this attraction as the fear factor is a little too high.

4) Horror Blitz 1940, London

Located below Waterloo Station in London, this interactive experience allows visitors to the attraction to battle against zombies in the tunnels of the underground. All participants in the activity are transported back to the 1940’s during the Blitz in London and will face terrifying experiences fighting the undead. Although this activity can be described as fun, the realistic costumes and make-up may make the experience seem a little too believable, but this is all part of the adventure.

5) The 13th Gate, Baton Rouge, LA

If feeling fear is something that excites you, then this is the ideal activity for you. This huge haunted house spreads over 40,000 feet and visitors have the opportunity to crawl on their hands and knees through pitch black tunnels or to climb inside an old cemetery oven. To add extra fear factors to the experience, possessed children, snakes, and clowns all feature as part of this thrilling yet petrifying activity. The anticipation of what is going to happen next will give you an adrenalin rush that adds to the overall excitement of a visit here.

6) Spookers, Australia

This experience involves a variety of different settings. These include the Haunted House, the Freaky Forest, and the 3D Manic Maze. Interaction is encouraged and there are options for family visits or group bookings. Different events are held throughout the year and each offers a variety of new, different, fun and scary experiences. This activity stimulates all the senses and leaves visitors wondering what will happen next.

7) The Island of Dolls, Mexico

In the Xochimilco district of Mexico, you will find disturbing forests where dolls’ heads apparently grow from trees. Folklore states that this has happened since the death of a young girl. Her body was found in a local canal and since that time strange things have happened in the forest. Locals believe the soul of the little girl creates the dolls’ heads and when trees are removed, new ones grow in their place with more dolls’ heads. Although this area attracts thousands of visitors each year, it takes a brave person to actually enter the forests.

Give Yourself a Fright!

Each one of these attractions will give you a scare. If you are ever in the right location to visit one of these venues and you find scary things fun, then it is definitely worth including some of these scare attractions into your itinerary.